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Clown Show At Mariner Game

Attending sporting events is a privilege that many simply can’t afford and for Families it’s indeed something that doesn’t happen each and every week.

We recently have heard about one (so called) fan that ran onto the field at a BC Lions game and never figured out why one of the Lions players delivered a tackle that was worth to be called one of the best.

Now we hear of Vancouver resident David McClearn (28) who recently attended the Seattle Mariner game when they recently hosted the Toronto Blue Jays at Safeco Field.

It’s reported that he was dared to streak across the field for the low sum of $80 and given the fact that he possibly thought nothing would happen, to his surprise he was arrested by Seattle police.

One would think that he would or should know better and one can only assume that many of today’s youngsters would know better.

Shortly after being tackled by security, he was arrested and placed in King County jail, then released Sunday on CAD$2,000 bail.

We are hearing that he won’t accept the fact that he did wrong, but rather possibly feels that it’s not his problem, but rather it was called by the Seattle Police Department.

In a quick turn-around he (David McClearn) accepted a six-month dispositional continuance after being charged with criminal trespassing, whereas the charge will remain on his record for a period of six (6) months.

It’s reported that as long as he is not convicted of any new violations, does not enter Safeco Field, and notifies the court of any change of address, the charges will then be cleared from his record and he will not face conviction.

Dan Nolte, spokesperson for the Seattle City Attorney’s Office mentioned “In that Mr. McClearn has no criminal history, we felt this was the most appropriate way to resolve the incident.”

Criminal trespassing is considered a misdemeanour charge and carries a maximum sentence of 364 days in jail or a $5,000 fine.

Nolte mentioned “He doesn’t have a criminal record, so we wouldn’t pursue a sentence anywhere near that severe.”

Just when you think it wouldn’t get any funnier here’s the interesting part and if you’re standing please sit down for the punchline – we are hearing that according to a GoFundMe account he is looking to raise money for his legal fees!!!

So if you have extra money to give away, please give it to something worthwhile rather than assisting funding for a circus act.

As today’s kids might say – REALLY!!!!!

These are some of the comments on the GoFund Me Account and to date five very foolish individuals have donated $185.00 toward his request for $4000.00.

I simply refuse to post up the link!!!!!

Dee Dee wrote

How about we actually help people who need help? Why are we supporting stupidity

Brad Marlin wrote

What a joke. This is not what Go Fund Me should be about. You do the crime you do the time.

Christine Fleet wrote

Act like a no mind idiot pay for it yourself. Hope they toss the book at the idiot