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With everyone getting the “jitters” to get on the move and get outside for enjoyment, fun and keeping active, I reached out to a friend asking about fishing, something my Brother-in-law Al does on a regular basis.

Living on Canada’s West coast we have the luxury of various types of fishing ranging from Salmon to Bass which is prevalent in Osoyoos Lake any la lheotswing of fid cheshng toto the lake in their Sicamous Houseboats forpe it stays that way.

Remember that all anglers must have a licence to fish tidal (salt) waters in British Columbia. It is best to purchase your licence online prior hout

This is known as one of the best bass fishing lakes in BC and attracts anglers from thla-bmachconstitutes the best pole or line then don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. To help you find out more I contacted Robert Moreland – Founder of for additional info.

Enjoy the read, I hope you learn a lot from it:

Often at the beginning in the world of bass fishing, we find ourselves lost in front of the gigantic choice of products that the market offers us,luckily it exists that contains all the necessary information for beginners.

Sometimes it happens to buy a rod that does not reflect what we were looking for in terms of performance with a certain technique.

Most of the time if we buy quality products like the best travel fishing rod that we will certainly be able to find another use, but the hole in our rack remains .

Although it is a lesser expense, even the correct choice of line is not very intuitive, and we often get confused between the various types, risking to compromise our fishing action, but for this we can use the best bass fishing rod and reel combo to get the most of your fishing experience.

Below is a small guide to choose these two elements in the best way in a canonical way.

The choice of fishing rod depends on your bass fishing lure.

Let’s see which lures and which techniques to combine for the best results:

  • CRANKBAIT: slow or regular with power ranging from medium light to medium heavy based on the weight and type of crankbait (sr-mr-dr)
  • JERKBAIT: The regular fast action allows us to give the right movements to our artificial. Depending on the size we will use a power ranging from light to medium heavy.
  • POPPER – WTD – PROPELLER: the regular action allows us to properly fish the fish and not anticipate it. Here too there is a range from light to medium heavy depending on the model.
  • SPINNERBAIT – BUZZBAIT: like the jerkbait, the regular fast action helps us to shoe and makes us gain meters in the throw. Medium power – medium heavy.
  • SWIMBAIT: action that goes from regular to regular fast based on heavy or extra heavy preferences. The action is essential to facilitate the penetration of the large treble hooks and the fold of the stem so as not to lose the fish.
  • JIG – TEXAS RIG: the technique often the need to uproot the fish from the cover in the shortest possible time is a determining factor. Fast or extra fast action with medium to heavy power. This tool can also be used for the carolina rig.
  • DROP SHOT – SPLIT SHOT: in this case we will move towards a spinning rod with a fast-fast regular action and a power between light and medium light.

Choice of line based on Characteristics of Fishing Rod

Often the choice of the right thread to spool our reels according to the technique that we have decided to use a specific combo can be very complicated for those who are starting out.

Below I will list the strengths and weaknesses and the specific uses of the various threads and the techniques in which they are mostly used.

In addition, you can also learn more about the best fishing lines in our other article

Keep in mind by reading this article that the factor that unites all types of threads is to always choose quality products, we must minimize the risk of breakage both to protect the fish and not to lose any record fish.

Also remember to replace the various wires periodically as they may be of quality, at the limit even turn them winding bringing in the upper part of the reel the part that is on the bottom. You can find most of these fishing accessories online at a really good price, try going here to learn more.

Last premise and that in listing the threads best suited to the various techniques, the individual tastes of the various fishermen must be taken into account.


It is the most classic of fishing lines. Based on the diameter, it has a greater seal than fluorocarbon, both in terms of hoisting and knot sealing.

It has a good elasticity which helps us a lot not to unhook the fish, especially with rigid baits equipped with an anchor.

The main flaw is that it has a decent memory, which tends to wear down nylon long before the other threads forcing us to renew the thread very often.

Furthermore, it does not have good abrasion resistance and its elasticity can create problems of power and sensitivity if we are going to use it in techniques where sensitivity is a lightning-quick gear (for example, fishing with jigs).

It is mainly used in the techniques: Crankbait, Top water, Spinner bait, Swimbait.


This wire has some unique characteristics, such as a very low refractive coefficient that makes it almost invisible in water, a marked rigidity that gives the fisherman greater sensitivity, a high resistance to abrasion which makes it perfect also in the realization of the final and the characteristic of being sinking.

On the other hand, we find a libration and a seal at the lower knot based on the threads of the same diameter, and due to its rigidity it will not allow us to cast particularly long.

It is used in all techniques that provide for a single hook, but thanks to its sinking it is also sometimes used for fishing with crank-bait. It is mainly used in the techniques: Texas rig, Jig, Shaky head, Drop shot.


The braided wire called in techno PE jargon is composed of several intertwined turns which make it unsurpassed in the ratio of strength / diameter.

Thanks to this feature, it helps us a lot in long throws, and thanks to its rigidity and elongation equal to zero, it allows us to make decisive launches even from a distance.

The disadvantages of the braided line are mainly due to their extreme rigidity, which they need in case of fishing with lures anchored to rods which soften the outbursts of the fish well, and it’s very low resistance to abrasion against sharp surfaces (such as rocks).

With a spinning equipment we can use it for various techniques, taking advantage of the superior ballistic qualities that it gives to every artificial bait.

In bait-casting we will tend to exploit its power in larger diameters and the characteristic of literally “cutting” vegetation like water lilies.

By using the spinning rod we can successfully use it in a multitude of techniques, choosing a suitable rod.

In bait-casting it is used in fishing with frog bait, Flipping and Punching Jigs.

Having said that, keep this little guide in mind when choosing your equipment initially.

Of course, over time you will have enough experience to understand for yourself what types of rods and lines you will be better able to deal with each technique.

Remember well that the only rule there is in fishing is that there are no rules!

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