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Sport and especially the Olympics cost money and it’s not cheap for any city to host the Winter or Summer Olympics, but we are told that it helps build future stars for the world stage.

That comment alone remains to be seen, let alone proven and for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics the cost is a whooping 156.9 billion yen (£1.11 billion) and recently completed in November. 

This is an impressive nine (9) months before the opening ceremony scheduled for July 24, 2020.

It’s reported that as part of the relay race held in front of 60,000 fan’s, spectators those on hand were the first (ever) members of the public to watch an event held at the National Stadium.

In a pre event which was more of a trial basis there were various Athlete’s taking part in what was called a traditional “Matsun” festival with dancing and chanting around the track.  

One such individual who was on hand was Usain Bolt, world record holder of the 100 meters, 200 meters and 4 x 100 metre relay and an eight time Olympic Gold Medalist “testing” the track.

He mentioned to the media “It was a great experience being in here and running in front of so many people and I was happy and excited because I won’t be getting to compete at the Olympics so the fact that I got to run on the track was an experience in itself.”

Prior to him (Bolt) taking to the track those on hand saw what might be a somewhat smaller version expected for the Tokyo 2020 opening ceremony. 

It was interesting to hear that Bolt mentioned “I’m actually in pain right now from the little run I just did.”

On hand was Kazuyoshi Miura (52) a footballer who still plays pro as well as several Japanese Brave Blossoms Rugby players including Captain Michael Leitch were detained by a slight interrupted by the PA system, which otherwise ran smooth.

It’s reported that the first sporting event being held at the National Stadium will be the Emperor’s Cup football final on January 1, 2020.

We are hearing that the venue will also host the Tokyo 2020 Athletics test event in May.

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