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Being involved in sports I often question the well being of athletes that compete in a variety of sports in addition to how they are treated following an injury.

Many times I see the player miss a shift or sit out one play only to be put back in by the coaching staff, when see spectators questioning why they were back in the line-up so quick.

Yes these individuals are to take injuries serious, not all do as for some coaches it all about wining and that should concern the parents, if not the minor sports associations.

I reached out to Chad Stephens of Noble Pain & Sports Medicine in Fort Worth to inquire about my concerns.

He (Dr. Stephens) takes a personal pride in using minimally invasive techniques to help treat bone fractures, knee injuries, tendon and ligament tears, neck injuries, spinal injuries, and many other kinds of injuries.

He responded by sending me some valuable info for your reading listed below and I trust you will also find it interesting as well as understanding for everyone.

What types of sports injuries does a sports medicine doctor treat?

A sports medicine doctor specializes in treating nearly any condition that is associated with sports or physical activity injury. 

TenJet is a relatively fast treatment Dr. Stephens uses to reduce chronic tendon pain.

Dr. Stephens can also help treat your concussion through the use of SphenoCath. This treatment helps nerve impulses be temporarily blocked, providing relief from various types of pain associated with your concussion.

Who can see a sports medicine doctor?

While many people believe that sports medicine doctors only treat professional athletes, it is actually a misconception. A sports medicine specialist treats many different people, including amateur athletes and people who aren’t very athletic at all.

For example, a person can sustain a serious injury like a meniscus tear when they try to lift something much heavier than they are accustomed to. 

A sports medicine doctor treats certain injury types rather than certain types of people, so anyone is welcome to seek treatment from Dr. Stephens at Noble Pain Management & Sports Medicine today.

What are the indicators of common sports injuries?

The indicators of a sports injury will vary considerably based on the specific injury. It is common to see swelling and redness in the injured area, and this is often accompanied by either a dull pain or an intermittent sharp pain.

Some sports injuries are discovered when a person has muscle soreness that doesn’t go away, even after rest. In some cases, a sports injury will be noticed by the clearly visible muscle spasms that may occur just beneath the skin. 

If an injury doesn’t get better with a few days of rest, it is time to seek help, especially if the pain is persistent. 

Trying to walk on an injury, or trying to ignore the injury, will often result in it worsening.

If you believe you were injured playing sports or want to know how to prevent injuries while playing sports, contact a qualified sports Doctor, but first ask around as the first might not be the one for you.

Thanks to Dr. Stephens for his insight on my questions and if you have a question, feel free to contact me at

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