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World Cup of Soccer

Regardless of the fact that Pakistan is listed as the 198th ranked team (according to FIFA) and failed to make the tournament, the Country is gloating with pride of dignity.

Basically due to the fact that the World Cup Football is made in Pakistan and the name will be uttered by the world football.

How is the ball made?

In the past the ball was made by hand stitched from 1990-2010 in the World Cup. but with the change of time from the Brazil World Cup in 2014 the ball is made thermo bonded and are not stitched with the hand.

Thermo bonded ball has attached the panels by heating, which is a new technology is provided by the global sports Adidas to Forward sports in 2013.

The Knockout stage at the 2018 World Cup of Soccer in Russia is out of the way and has reached the final eight (8) teams in the quarter’s all vying for the Championship Trophy and Title.

It officially kicks off July 6th in what many have described as an exceptional 32 team tournament with various upset’s that have brought many fans to tears.

The knockout stage saw some interesting surprises with both Argentina and Spain sent home after defeats as well as matches that realistically went accordingly in the 8 matchups of the knockout stage of the 2018 World Cup.

The semi-finals saw France upset Argentina by 4-3 as well as a match that saw Uruguay defeat Portugal by yet another narrow 2-1 score.

Russia stunned Spain on penalty kicks pulling out a 2-1 that saw the match need extra time as well as heading to overtime for an extra 30 minutes which failed to settle anything.

The end result saw Russia defeat World Cup favored Spain converting 4 kicks to 3 for Spain to decide the match moving on to play another day.

Other matches saw Croatia defeat Denmark 3-2 also on penalty kicks in a game that was tied at two after 90 minutes plus extra time and O/T

Eventually the match went to penalty kicks with Croatia converting on 3, while Denmark managed only 2 in deciding the match.

The knockout stage saw Brazil play Mexico with Brazil pulling out an impressive 2 nil victory advancing to the next round.

The quarter final match saw Belgium come back from a 2 nil deficit against Japan managing to score three late goals pulling out a 3-2 victory to advance to the quarter finals.

Sweden defeated Switzerland scoring the only goal of the match early to advance to the quarters, which was also the final game of the knockout stage.

In a match that had many talking for days England and Columbia in a tough match that saw the British score on penalty kick in the second half taking a 1 nil lead in the match, which many thought would hold up against a determined Colombia squad.

Never say never and Columbia scored with a minute left in extra time to even the game, sending it to overtime – which again decided nothing.

This match went to penalty kicks with England managing to score 3, while Columbia only managed two, sending England to to next round with a 2-1 victory.

Friday will see Uruguay will take on Brazil in the early game, while the late game has France playing host to Belgium.

Saturday, July 7th has yet another pair of games as Russia hosts Sweden in the early game, while England takes on a motivated Croatia team in the quarter final match up.

The winning teams advance to to the semi-finals in the next round of the tournament!!

The excitement continues!!!