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Real Madrid Makes History

Say what you will as to what sport has the greatest team in history, but simply put no one can match the talent that Real Madrid  currently has or had in the past.

Winning back to back titles in the European Champions League in the 27 year history is a role that might not be completed again or at least for a while.

Real Madrid trounced Juventus by a margin of 4-1 and with nine of the 14 players on the club they managed to win the clubs 12th European Cup.

Juventus went home empty handed losing for the seventh time in the nine cup finals, but one must remember that they gave up more goals in this 90 minute match than they did in the 1,080 preceding minutes of play in the Champions League Soccer action.

All the game planning by the coaching staff won’t pay any dividends unless the players work for a full 90 minutes and a momentary lapse can be the team’s demise.

Real Madrid are a team that is strong in the depth department and given the fact that James Rodriguez and  Lucas Vazquez were in the stands, but a short hour prior to kick-off in Cardiff, it was revealed on the team roster that Gareth Bale was on the bench for power-house Madrid.

Real Madrid are a team with depth and seemed to not only know but understand the depth chart of Juventus and what they can throw at you.

Many call him the hero who drove the team to the Championship less than 11 short months ago and someone who has appeared in the past eight game, not to mention that he is the 6th most expensive player in history, so depth isn’t a concern.

The first half was anyone’s game, but the second was when Madrid turned up the heat and it was  only a matter of time when Juventus managed to fall apart.

Following the miss by Ronaldo it was Casemiro who delivered sending the crowd into mass hysteria and jubilation to the multitude of supporters.

Real Madrid won in a mastery of fashion given the quality of players both on and off the pitch, which has many asking it they are able to manage to pull off a three-peat in Champions League Play.

Messi will or might be remembered for lots of goals in unimportant matches he’s played in and he’ll mainly be remembered for all the finals he single handedly lost.

The least being the 2014 World Cup that saw Messi failed to score when left alone with Manuel Neuer.

Now we are speculating that Ronaldo will forever be remembered as the key difference maker in the biggest games ever on the biggest stages ever under the largest amounts of pressure known on the world stage in this sport.

Juventus bench boss Max Allegri told the media in the scrum following the match “In football, there are absolute values and when those values emerge, if your opponent has more quality than you, then he’s better. There’s only so much you can do.”

The victory saw Ronaldo score twice helping his club, now we are hearing he has a new style we can look forward to seeing.