Co-Ed Soccer

Photo Credit D. Laird Allan/Sportswave

The league and teams play throughout the Greater Vancouver Urban area in setting up the Urban league since the last mentioned on and has vastly improved with the participation of various individuals that “just want to play” so as to be a part of not just the sport, but also be a valued part of society.

The new Coed League Rec league plays uses 7-a-side soccer at pitches in UBC, the Downtown East-side and South Vancouver, Vancouver West Side, Surrey and Burnaby.

They play on facilities that use full-length pitches so as to develop their skills in various areas of the game and it’s interesting to note that some of the fields (pitches) are both modern up to date facilities.

The league has helped those playing work on getting help with addiction issues, personal troubles or concerns managing to help bring a great spirit to forget any personal issues they may have while playing.

In addition the co-ed league helps or assists those affected with issues to begin a new friendship in a social setting during a competitive atmosphere, which also helps them while away from the game.

The Teams participating are required to have (at least) 2 of each gender (male and female) on the field at all times

In the league games and the teams must be play in any of the time slots as the schedule change  from week to week.

Each league in the  night-specified requiring players that if play on Monday you register for to participate on the monday nights as scheduled.

For monday the league games will play on those monday holidays holiday with the exception  of thanksgiving).

2019 Winter Registration is now open and spaces for players are limited for registration for players wishing to play and compete.

Priority Registration (current teams)- Feb. 19th to Feb. 25th  (ends at noon) Open Registration (new teams)- begins at 12:15pm on Feb. 25th Individual Registration (people without teams)- begins at 12:15pm on Feb. 26th

*Note- not all leagues may be offered in the spring season due to field unavailability (see our Policies page for details)

**We have a great place for you to get your uniforms done – URSTORE.

Please note the following:

  1. Yes, we noticed the name could be perceived as part of Urban Recreation but no, we don’t have any stake in the company.
  2. However, we do like their products and collaborated to create some competitively priced offerings for our soccer leagues.
  3. You don’t have to use them- but you do need to adhere to the policy.

For more information, please contact us at or 604-879-9800.