Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests

Living on the West Coast we are gearing up for the start of the 2018 MLS Vancouver Whitecaps season in hopes of bringing a championship to the City.

The Whitecaps are focused on promoting, developing and growing the sport with today’s youth to see who the next Canadian Soccer star will be.

Now we are hearing that Canada Soccer recently announce that hosting applications are currently being accepted for the 2018 Active Start Soccer Fests program.

As Canada’s largest national grassroots soccer program, community soccer club administrators, coaches and volunteers are encouraged to apply online today to bring a fun-filled event to your community and to help grow the game across the country.

Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests have supported community soccer activity for more than 20 seasons and reached over 3.5 million Canadians through the delivery of financial grants, promotional and technical resources to clubs from coast to coast to coast.

Since the start of the program  it has managed to distribute over one million dollars to community clubs across the country.

With the festival schedule expected to fill-up quickly, clubs are encouraged to submit their applications early to secure their desired festival date.

Canada Soccer Director of Development Jason deVos mentioned “Children under the age of 12 who have opportunities to learn the game through free play and experience the pure joy of soccer will become those who are most likely to play the game throughout their life.”

He continued “With programs like Active Start Soccer Fests, which provide a nurturing and supportive free play environment, are vital as they allow children to develop the love of the game that fuels the passion for soccer.”

In addition to the financial and technical support provided to all festival hosts, the program’s corporate partners enhance the festival events through the provision of giveaways, facilitation of appearances by Canadian National Team athletes in select markets.

In addition to the implementation of unique technical programming at select festivals Canada Soccer will be announcing further developments to the program later in 2018.

For more information on Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests program and to learn how you can grow the game in your community visit

Also, be sure to check out the Canada Soccer Pathway page for comprehensive grassroots resources, including detailed training plans across all ages of development.

Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests

Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests is a grant-based program designed to provide resources to host a soccer celebration in communities across the country.

Community soccer clubs are encouraged to apply and make plans to host a festival using the online application process.

Pending the program space and Provincial/Territorial Soccer Association approval, you will receive a program event package, which can be used to showcase the event in their area.

In addition, participating clubs will receive an festival hosting package which includes individual participation certificates and a wide array of promotional giveaways from the program’s national sponsors.

For more information about Canada Soccer’s Active Start Soccer Fests program to register please visit