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During the past nine months Canada and the World have faced tough times dealing with the COVID-19 Pandemic with lives lost for families throughout the world. 

Given this loss one area that many have forgotten about is the need for giving to the Canadian Blood Services which is a vital cog in helping people stay alive.

 In what we can best describe as  normal every day to day life the donations of blood were a great assistance to life saving surgery to the life stream of blood keeping many alive throughout British Columbia including the rest of Canada.

Many are unaware that there are different types of blood that are required and the way people can donate whether its to ensure that it continues to meet the needs so that who is healthy and able to give. 

Regardless of whether it’s for a family member or not, the simple process requires them to make a life saving donation, now only made by appointment weeks only in order to stay months ahead of the needs of the plasma types.

Especially during this upcoming holiday season when there is a shortage of donors to keep up the supply that is needed on a daily basis for people at a time that it is vital for elective surgery or simply saving the lives of Covid-19  patient’s. 

Knowing all too well the importance of giving blood at an early age of consent which is 18 years and knowing that it will save lives in the process is a clear example of learning that it is an act of kindness giving back to your community. 

I am pleased to mention that Sportswave reporter Bruce Nolte began to donate blood somem 47 years ago and knows first hand the overall importance of what it means to donate giving him the personal feeling of gratitude knowing that you somehow made a difference in the lives of someone else.

It is a tremendous feeling of accomplishment and gratification knowing that he has continued this since he was 18 when consent was permitted, and he continues today to keep donating? 

And today this is more important than ever from when the first wave of Covid-19 hit in March and the number of new donations was up at high numbers and saving lives and just think of the feeling of making a difference in a person’s life that is close to you.

Or it could be a family member that your donation could make a huge difference and now that the second wave has hit it more vital than ever to consider being a donor today as many donations are required to keep the supply in demand for the hospitals.

All it takes is an hour of your time to be a vital donor giving blood to save lives and feel good about it and how you will feel later after you have done it. So, consider it today and be a part of making sure that there is a supply for required surgeries or life saving second Covid-19 donations that could make a difference.

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