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Reflecting back 14 years the day the world changed as we now know it, 911 means something different to everyone, but to Mariners James Jones it’s close to home.

On that day he was in seventh grader in middle school in Brooklyn when the planes hit the World Trade Center in Manhattan in 2001.

He told the media “My teacher left the room and came back in crying and we didn’t know what was going on, then everybody’s parents started coming to pick up their kids and I wasn’t too sure what had happened till we saw the news. It’s weird it’s been 14 years and that was a sad day.”

One of Jones’ cousins was in one of the lower floors of one of the Towers and got out uninjured, but like everyone the memories remain indelible in his mind.

. It’s sad that it took that for everyone to come together like that, but it was good to see that there was unity.”

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