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From Pyeongchang to You

Photo Credit Roland Stockli

I managed to grab a coffee with an extremely good friend of mine Roland Stockli whom I have worked with in the past at Rogers TV.

We have had the luxury of covering various events and regardless of how the “shoot” went, we did our job and had fun doing it all the time – evening winning an award for the production of the BC Boy’s Basketball Championship at the PNE.

Why? Well for one it was about producing a show for the community, no different than what I currently do for Delta TV.

There is more to life and sport than simply covering the pros, but’s that’s the added bonus we get when working in the media.

Well after our coffee at our friendly Starbucks location, we chatted and then he was off to pack for the upcoming Olympics in PyeongChang.

While he normally posts this on social media I wanted to share his journey so you can not only see how the media works, but also get a better understanding of the long 16+ hour days they all spend covering these games.

This is one of Rolland’s most recent posts, so enjoy and don’t only watch this puts you in the directors chair.

Just a couple of pics and some short videos from Pyeongchang.

This is our hotel which is about 2 miles away from our venue.

I’m staying in a resort Hotel that’s located at the base of a mountain with 4 ski runs converging at the bottom of our hotel.

The fact that it is only 2 miles away from our venue is extremely convenient which is really uncommon for most of the Olympics I’ve done.

The second picture is from our venue looking towards the Ski Jumping venue which is very close to the main International Broadcast Centre (IBC)

And the third is inside the NBC facilities at the IBC in front of the Olympic wall of logos showcasing the Olympics that NBC has produced.

The short videos are of our compound in what NBC calls a “C” World Facility meaning that we have to build our facilities from the ground up in 4 trailers.

We are all connected via intercom panels and each person has a very specific job.

Graphics, Audio, Camera, Replays and recording, Technical Director, Engineers Video control and Production support personnel.

Our crew consists of 13 technical and 3-4 runners with a Production Manager, a Technical Manager, 4 announcers with experience in Luge, Bobsled and Skeleton, a Producer, Director, Associate Director and a Broadcast Associate responsible for Graphics.

At the IBC we have 4 people in 2 edit suites working with us.

One of them is producing features and edited elements for our recorded segments and live productions.

The other edit suite is there to record and edit our segments for insertion into the various platforms for NBC’s coverage.

With many events happening at the same time not everything you see will be live, and that’s why we have the editing support to assist and complete our productions.

The main Venues for NBC are at Men’s Hockey, Figure Skating, Alpine Skiing, snowboarding, moguls and curling.

Other Olympic sports will be produced directly from the IBC using video and audio feeds provided by the Host Broadcaster and some events will actually originate from NBC’s Stamford, Connecticut facilities back in the United States using audio and video feeds from PyeongChang distributed via satellite, live.

The host Broadcaster who is responsible for the World feeds from every venue, have a crew of over 75 people from the Sliding Venue alone.

Overall there are thousands of people here to just bring the images to those of you who will be watching.

Thanks to Roland for keeping us in the “Directors Chair” from PyeongChang!!!