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Games Delayed

We hear about the unrest in the world and it isn’t all about politics, standing for your given right or who you like or hate, it happens far too often in sports.

With the Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade being declared officially open they were disrupted by a delegation that was prevented from entering the stadium by protesters.

It was reported in the local media that the protests may (might) may have been initiated over a local pension dispute in the area with workers.

During the absence of the teams, the volunteer flag bearers marched in with each Country’s National Flag in the march, but no one was alongside the flagbarer.

It took a while but eventually it was dispersed and to the delight of the crowd, local authorities dealt with the situation allowing all athletes to enter the stadium to a wall of noise.

Once the Parade of Nations concluded and calm was restored the International University Sports Federation (FISU) President Oleg Matytsin made his way to the stage to address the Athletes.

He mentioned “I am sorry for the delay, but sometimes the best things are worth waiting for and I would like to thank you for a very warm welcome as no-one can stop our students.

He continued “The Universiade is about values, it offers a rare opportunity for athletes to experience a new part of the world as it offers them the chance to come together through sport and I am sure our values will help you with your future careers.”

Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee spoke albeit via a video message  as he was unable to attend the event and offered his condolences for not attending the  games.

Eric Saintrond, FISU Secretary General and Chief Executive mentioned that the IOC’s packed agenda was the main reason for his (Bach) absence from the games.

It replicated the Almaty 2017 Winter Universiade, where a video was also shown.

Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen officially declared the Taipei 2017 open and welcomed Athletes from across the world to the event, which was followed by a performance by pop star Wang Leehom.

He was eventually joined by 400+ dancers and reportedly spent $33,000 (£25,600/€28,000) on costumes for his cast to perform for the event.

The Ceremony featured three (different) cultural performances, all aimed at presenting the story and history of Taiwan.

This was on display as Vibrant Island depicted various culture and tribes of Taiwan, while Hybrid Taipei revealed the urban image of the city while Global Tribe conveyed the digital era of the Country.

The outstanding close of the Ceremony was the arrival of the flame into the stadium, where it lit the Universiade Cauldron for the games.

The highlight for the opening took place when Chinese Taipei baseball player Chin-Feng Chen hit a fireball from (around) 50 metres setting the cauldron ablaze before a crescendo of firework bringing the Ceremony to an official close.

The medal events will officially get underway and it’s expected that medals will be won in 18 competitions taking place.

They include Diving, Fencing, Artistic Gymnastics, Judo, Swimming, Taekwondo and Weightlifting.