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Given the state of the world are we really shocked to hear that the upcoming 2020 Olympic Games are being placed on hold?

The conversation has been on-going by the IOC and their respective Countries that would attend, Canada being one of them.

The discussion has been on-going for some time now and in light of Covid-19 that has taken the world by storm isolating everyone into a state of paranormal shock.

Many continue to question why the Olympics are held in various countries, when so many have built Olympic venues as well as Olympic Villages for the Athletes that are currently in a state of ruin.

Dollars spent – Dollars waisted with the Olympic Games in locations that have no real economic value to host the games, but the IOC want to make this a spectactial.

Are we shocked that the NHL has withdrawn it’s players from the games, given the fact that any revenue generated by the players attending goes into the “coppers” of the IOC.

Let’s discuss who makes the money for the games and we all know it’s not the athletes, officials or the various sport groups that allow their individuals to attend.

It is true that some of the countries “reward” their athletes for each medal they win such as Gold, Silver and Bronze all payable in US Dollars.

In a report from CNBC with the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang closing they reported that US Athletes each Gold they brought home in 2018 was worth $37,500, Silver $22,500 and $15,000 for Bronze.

Canada on the other hand offers up $15,000 for Gold, $11,000 for Silver and $8,000 for Bronze with the most paid out to Athletes from Singapore who offer up $1,000,000 (Gold), $500,000 (Silver) and $250,000 for Bronze.

In a report in 2018 from they mention a Gold Medal weighs 586 grams with a “podium value” of about $570. 

2020 Medals

Despite the amount paid to the athlete, if you lose, you have the right to let everyone know that you at least attended, which many are unable to say, which they should be commended for.

So given the time each athlete dedicates for the previous four years, it’s conceivable that next year they won’t make the team or even get selected for their chosen sport. 

This alone is alarming as they are representing, in this case Canada and it’s a shock that we are unable to support our athletes with more gratitude.

I’m not saying that we should give them a car or what have you, but over the past year I have personally spoken to some that mentioned that should something happen, they might not be able to qualify in 2021.

In light of the recent COVID-19 worldwide, Canada is the first Nation that has officially stated that they are withdrawing from the game, putting pressure on the IOC to make a decision.

Now I am hearing that there are the two committees calling on the International Olympic Committee to postpone the Games for at least one year all due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The committees told the media “This is not solely about athlete health — it is about public health.”

Chair of the Canadian Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission Seyi Smith mentioned “The decision will ensure everyone is safe now, and in the future, and will ensure Canada has the best competitive team and it’s been a collective process to get here.” 

“With COVID-19 and the associated risks, it is not safe for our athletes, and the health and safety of their families and the broader Canadian community for athletes to continue training towards these Games”. 

The statement also indicated the vast scope to the public health threat to which Smith mentioned “Officials from the COC spent all of Sunday calling the 14 members of the athletes’ commission to get their insights on how to proceed and it’s the uncertainty that is the worst thing. In sport and in life. People are sick, people are dying.”

The move comes hours after the IOC said it was taking a month to consider postponing the 2020 Olympics after an emergency meeting earlier on Sunday.

However, the IOC stated in a press release that “cancellation is not on the agenda” with respect to the upcoming Games.

Canada’s Chef de Mission Marnie McBean mentioned “Please remember we are all in this together as Team Canada, and as a nation. The key is for the Olympics to happen when it is safe and responsible for everyone.”

President of the Canadian Paralympic Committee Marc-André Fabien stated “The health of the global committee is the priority and we are relieved that cancelling the Games is not a consideration, but we feel that a four-week timeline on a decision is not soon enough, and that a one-year postponement of the Games is truly the only option,” he said in a statement.

At present the IOC is still set on holding the games, but given the pressure, it’s unlikely the games will proceed.

Thanks to the Canadian Athletes who have been working so hard in hopes of returning home as a Champion.

Truly speaking – you are indeed Canada’s Champ!!!

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