Questionable Conduct

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It’s reported by Le Soir d’Algérie newspaper that the public prosecutor at the Bir Mourad Rais court mentioned that the decision had been taken against Berraf for the “squandering of public funds” while President of the Algerian Olympic Committee.

Berraf (66), is also the head of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa from leaving the national territory and the public prosecutor mentioned that he was forced to remain in Algeria following an investigation based on suspicions of corruption.

Philipbert Browne Liberian, the Olympic Committee President, requested that the ANOCA investigate the latest accusations against Berraf.

Brown mentioned to Joao Manuel da Costa Alegre Alfonso first VP as well as members of their Executive Committee that an investigation should be launched due to the recent allegations being very concerning.

Brown continued “They also “directly impact the smooth administrative running of ANOCA and weigh greatly on the constitutionality of our integrity and credibility as an organisation.”

Earlier this year he (Berraf) resigned as COA President  but continues to represent the organisation, which included a March conference call with African National Olympic Committees.

He only became a member of the IOC last year and stepped down in February mentioning he was “tired” of the “repeated attacks” against both himself and his Family.

Algerian media had reported he was subjected to a social media backlash after respecting the Israeli national anthem at the International Judo Federation Grand Slam event in Paris that same month.

As early as last year he was accused of corruption and financial mismanagement when COA President by the Sports Ministry, in which allegations regarding doubtful contracts, suspicions of corruption, embezzlement and favoritism were made.

As one would expect he (Berraf) disputed all accusations and mentioned his detractors are guilty of “misleading and defamatory manoeuvers” to “undermine his image and that of the COA”.

An IOC ethics investigation has been opened into the accusations of corruption against Berraf.

The IOC spokesperson stated chief ethics and compliance officer Pâquerette Girard-Zappelli was fully aware of these latest allegations but failed to add any further comment at this time. 

The above was submitted by Liam Morgan, Senior Chief Reporter for Insidethegames.