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We hear about various sports that pertain to the local area, but seldom hear about Equestrian events, albeit that there are various facilities in the area.

Rules in sport are subject to change and for the most part they are for the better after consultation with groups, individuals, clubs or governing bodies and some are dismissed as they don’t appeal to those in charge.

So as you can see, it’s not just about implementing rules for the betterment of the sport or to entice the general public, but rather making the games safer for everyone competing.

Photo Credit Langley Times

Now we are hearing that the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) are holding a Sports Forum in Lausanne and are debating the future of the endurance discipline based on 16 proposals they are reviewing or debating.

As one can expect the first day is a meet and greet going over the basic agenda, but in this case the second day focused on questions surrounding challenges and reshaping of the area surrounding discipline.

Various topics were discussed involving the qualification of the horses, athletes, while at the same time looking to reduce welfare risks.

Also in discussion surrounding the ongoing educating of all officials as well as correct application of the rules in addition to seeing improvements and innovations shaping endurance.

As one would expect they have set up a Temporary Committee was established last year after the cancellation of the endurance riding event that surrounded the various confusing circumstances at World Equestrian Games in Tryon.

It was mentioned Ignasi Casas Vaque had been provisionally relieved of his duties as deputy chair and member of the Endurance Committee of course all pending legal proceedings for alleged incorrect and inadapt behaviour.

It’s also reported that Dr Brian Sheahan of Australia as chair of the Endurance Committee stepped down reportedly due to ill on-going health issues.

Many reported that  last year in Tryon some athletes were misdirected at the beginning of the endurance ride, that caused the officials to stop the action after the first loop which was eventually re-started as a 120 kilometres competition.

Some might mention it was a “pragmatic solution” with no indication of resuming for the following day, only to have it halted due to bad weather.

Doping is and has been a concern for various sports and this sport is no stranger to adversity and is a concern in Middle Eastern countries that saw Dubai stripped of hosting the 2016 FEI World Endurance Championships.

They are hoping the Endurance Temporary Committee can possibly help solve these issues within the discipline.

The Committee presented propositions related to qualification to events, the limiting of crew members, the role of trainers, weight of riders and the maximum number of starters at competitions.

Proposals were also given on minimum and maximum loops of courses, which is the criteria followed for test events and heart rate parameters as well as all presentations times.

The proposed rules changes will go out to National Federations and stakeholders this July as part of a consultation process that will see final rule amendments  put to the FEI General Assembly in November.

Proposals were centred around the appointment and rotation of officials, improved training, reinforcement of the role of the independent governance advisors and stronger follow up system for Officials’ reporting to the FEI and tackling corruption.

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