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Meet Charisse Marei, an eco-conscious lifestyle expert whose passion for empowering people to embrace a healthy home, healthy lifestyle comes to life in her work as an eco-conscious interior designer, author, consultant, and inspirational speaker.

The Chester County, PA resident, a pioneer in the field of eco-conscious living, shares her healthy home tips for the active lifestyle and how she stays fit.

Here is our Q&A:

Q: How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: Power walking, yoga, and calisthenics to inspire and revitalize my being. I simply love to turn on the music and put my body in rhythmic motion or lace up my Nike’s and buzz out the door into nature.

Q: What are some of the best tips for creating a healthy home?

A: We know the big picture is for your special haven to reflect an eco-conscious lifestyle that supports your home, well-being, furry friends and our planet. 

The first step is to empower yourself with basic skills and tools of the trade to welcome each project with confidence from initial planning to completion. For active lifestyles simplicity is a necessity. 

To eliminate overwhelm we focus on One Room at a Time and not the entire house. When complete, move to the next room. 

To begin, pick a room, identify your project, make a plan, gather the tools of the trade and begin with one section at a time.

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Three Eco-Conscious Tips:

  • Health + Wellness = Happiness
  • The time is now to let go of harmful products!
  • Eco-Bottle Etiquette

Q: Are there rooms more beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?

A: The bedroom is the greatest room of concern. The body is most vulnerable to electromagnetic pollution while asleep. 

Sleep is recognized as the time for the body to regenerate without the interruption of manmade fields, VOCs, toxic bedding, chemicals, and (other harmful) products.

Three More Eco-Conscious Tips:

  •  Organic bedding and no metal
  •  Remove all electronics a minimum of six feet from your bed
  •  Natural and pure ventilation

Q: Tell us about your book, One Room at a Time: Eco-Conscious Home: Creating a Healthy Lifestyle in Your Heart and Home?

A: Eco-Conscious Home is an action-inspiring, interactive guidebook written with intention. It is designed to help you transform your home and well-being from toxicity and overwhelm into eco-delight – one room at a time. 

The nine chapters represent the nine methods to an eco-conscious lifestyle. 

We begin with identifying toxins, clearing the clutter, organization, breathable, clean, eco-conscious design and more. 

We share personal stories to propel you forward along with eco-lists, charts, quizzes, recipes, personal preferences, and discover ‘Values Learned’ and ‘Now I Know.’ 

It’s a rewarding approach that promotes gratifying results. 

It’s only natural as you implement change to experience more joy, more inspiration, more purpose each day forward.

It started with a single thought. It began early one morning with seven splashes of cold water over my face, then reach for my toothbrush. 

As I watched the water swirl down the drain, I wondered how much water was wasted. 

As I glanced around the room each blink captured a snapshot of compositions. 

I embraced the intentions and created selections that led to the final design. You see, there is so much more than what meets the eye. 

The overall design process involves being conscious of what we breathe, touch, and hear, how we feel, and why we freely enter a room to release, renew, revitalize. 

It did not stop there – the need to maintain balance and harmony became essential. Daily, weekly, monthly, and semi-annual rhythmic routines were part of the plan. 

These are the necessary ingredients to surround ourselves in an environment that supports an eco-conscious lifestyle.

As I stood leaning against the vanity, creative ideas began to flow freely. I imagined writing a book to guide others beyond my circle of influence. 

The little voice inside me was relentless, urging me to write. It grew louder, tugging at my heart and strengthening with time. 

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