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Keeping In Shape

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Aging is a unique experience. For some, the effects will present themselves sooner rather than later, and for some who are luckier, the “aches and pains” and won’t present themselves as prominently.

Either way, exercise will remain an important part of your daily routine for a handful of different reasons.

In your 40s, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to form, posture and strength.

Many, especially those who have been working out consistently over the long-term, will be able to keep up with their regular routine.

But for those who are getting back into the swing of things after an extended period without exercise, or those who are just starting a new regimen for the very first time, there are a few factors you should keep in mind.

Choose lower impact modifications and incorporate variety into your workouts and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Not sure where to start?

Here are my 3 pack of the best ways to keep in shape.


Practicing yoga is another effective way to ensure you’ll maintain your flexibility as you age, as well as a healthy, happy mind. In addition to keeping your joints and muscles nimble and fluid, yoga can also help you build and maintain strength and it’s also a great tool for stress management. For those who suffer from back pain it is the ultimate treatment; read this article to find out about all the ways in which yoga could eliminate those aches you’ve been living with for years.

Strength Training

There are several reasons all older adults should include strength training as part of their fitness routine, but it’s especially important because as we age our muscle mass naturally starts to diminish.

Additionally, if part of your goal involves fat loss, strength training will play an important role in helping you achieve that goal. You may even want to try using fat burner products to help you speed along your journey.

A common misconception is that cardio is the answer to fat loss, but from my experience when it comes to successfully losing fat, nutrition should be your first priority, followed by strength training. If that doesn’t work out for you, Slender Lasers could prove to be a good alternative for losing that unwanted fat.

“The great metabolism boost and hormonal output in the body from strength training makes it far more valuable than a cardio workout for fat burning.

Functional Training
After 40, I find it’s a little more difficult to try brand new movements or activities, and to perform them at full intensity and expect your body to bounce back without a few aches and pains.
To keep pain away I choose movements in my exercise program that will train me for these activities.
Whether I am trying new sports, wanting to jog on the beach during vacation or playing tag, I want my muscles and joints to be conditioned, tuned and strong to handle whatever is thrown at them.
In other words, functional training helps prepare for the movements and activities you’ll encounter in everyday life.
A few examples of functional exercises include the squat and overhead press and stair climbing.
Mark O'Neill and Shelley Donald  are both registered Personal Trainers.
Email:     [email protected]

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