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With Covid-19 taking its toll on the world the one area in the lower mainland and British Columbia that has been hit extremely hard is that of the Canadian Blood Services.

That’s not to say that the rest of Canada has not been affected as it has with restrictions put in place by either the Liberal Government or each Provincial Government.

The importance of giving blood hits home with Sportswave’s Bruce Nolte as he has been donating blood since 1974 when he was in grade 12 and has donated 206 times and we are told will  receive a special recognition award in person when things get back to normal.

In light of his contributions I should mention that this was something that my Mother strongly believed in as well as she regularly donated as she mentioned it was her duty, which I never really understood until later in life.

One group of National team members that have taken up the task to donate are members of Canada’s National Women’s Hockey Team who recently rolled up their sleeves to help those in need.

One young player who ironically is the National Goaltender who calls Bruderheim Saskatchewan home and led the charge to donate is Emerance Maschmeyer as well as Cassie Campbell-Pascall, Daughter-in-Law to former BCTV Sportscaster Bernie Pascall.

As part of “Community Day” during the Canadian Women’s Hockey League All-Star game in Toronto, Emerance was inspired to make her first donation after a conversation with co-founder Stu Middleton and Director Luke Pierce.

She drew the courage to donate from her Mother Christine Maschmeyer who was in need following complications that were related to a hysterectomy. And following a long extended recovery her Mother is healthy,

The organization is called Hockey Gives Blood which is a non-profit society who have teamed up with the Canadian Blood Services to both educate and engage the hockey community about the importance of stem cell donations.

In conversation with several individuals throughout the Province I am hearing that many were concerned about social distancing, while others have taken a could care less attitude.

That alone shows me that they don’t care about anyone other than themselves and in showing or taking such an attitude it’s no real surprise that COVID-19 lingers on and on.

Social distancing works if everyone follows the Provincial mandate and if you want to get out make your trip worthwhile and stop in for a visit to the Canadian Blood Services, 

At the time of writing this I am hearing that the supply is currently in good standing with all types on hand for those in need.


Blood type Percent of Americans with this type Who can receive this type?
O+ 37 O+, A+, B+, AB+
O- 6 All blood types
A+ 34 A+, AB+
A- 6 A+, A-, AB+, AB-


If you are unfamiliar with the donation process please note that you can donate every 57 days or by the platelets program which they contribute on a more regular basis every two weeks. 

We all know that your time is very valuable, but it only takes about 15 minutes from the time you enter to the time you leave and you’ll have a good moment.

All it takes is an hour of your time to roll up your sleeve and go in and make your contribution by donating the gift of life.  

We all have it in us to save a life for Elective Surgery, Operations, Transfusions, Stem Cells, Emergency surgery, or for newborns.

If you would like to contact someone for donating blood please call Toll Free 1-888-236-6283

For information please visit: 

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