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Tragic Loss 2 Sport

The sporting world is in mourning today, not only for the recent deaths involving players, but also the tragic plane crash in Russia.
Teams know situations can and do happen, but situations such as this are something that although it might be talked about, no one expects to ever have happen.
All teams regardless of the league take a risk when they travel, but it is seldom that situations such as this ever happen. For that we are extremely grateful.
It not only is tough on the Families involved, but also the team-mates that have played with these players in the past.
It’s hard to actually believe that one of the players might have sit next to you in a stall a few months earlier.
Players are all involved in the communities in which they live and they give extended hours to numerous charities in various ways.
Some coach minor sports, others help by just being at an event and when you have seen them at any event – how often have you actually gone up to them and said “thanks for helping”.
I watched earlier this spring at a minor hockey tournament when a parent (man) was upset that a pro-player could not be at a game, but managed to speak to several youngsters the day prior at the same tourney. It’s sad, but it seems it’s a way of life.
Too bad, the pro-player was unable to make the minor hockey game. It was in part due to a Stanley Cup run for the Vancouver Canucks.
Far too any parents want to live their life through the eyes of the young players and put too much pressure on the today’s youth.
Remember – it’s only a game and there is more to life than sport!!!
This situation is far too tragic to put in words, so let’s think of not only the players today, but also the Family members that no longer have a Husband, Brother, Cousin or DAD coming home tonight.