Play Within The Rules

If you play any sport that is a fast paced and it allows checking of any kind, such as hockey, lacrosse, boxing or kick-boxing, you might expect to get hit, but never wonder about the outcome.

Just maybe you and those in charge of the particular sport should re-assess what is legal and what should be taken out of the game/sport.

The body check you will watch in the video is extremely terrifying to view and one of the more aggressive incidents we have seen all year.

Over the weekend a KHL player was left convulsing on the ice after a brutal hit to the head that had everyone from both clubs in shock.

In a match-up between Avangard Omsk and Barys Astana, Omsk captain Sergei Kalinin went after the puck in the corner when Talgat Zhailauov took a long run at him.

He was hit with such force and the impact saw his helmet fly off of his head as he collapsed to the ice surface upon impact.

It looks as tho he appears to go into convulsions as players, referees and doctors attend to him in hopes of stabilizing the situation of the injury.

He is eventually carried off the ice on a stretcher and you can see his head struck the ice with enough force to draw a lot of blood.

Something no one wants or expects to see.