Is One Year Enough?

Watching sports can get everyone at times emotional and given the suspensions handed down by the governing bodies, it’s no real surprise that violence is on the rise – in most sports.

Regardless of the sport, but mostly in pro sports all leagues have their own manner in which they deal with suspensions that are dealt to the players.

Minor sport organization have a set of guidelines that are in place by  the league executive board and its hoped that everyone on the “board” has the same concept for discipline, which can be extremely difficult.

Over the past week we watch a video that went viral of a hockey player that swung his stick at another player who was lying face down on the ice.

Ironically this was a hockey game and we all know that this sport can be intense for everyone, given the fact that the rules are all judgement calls that the officials have to make in a split second.

We have coaches that are coach and its fair to mention that there is a large percentage of coaches  who don’t know the rules or want to have the rules go against the other team.

OK to be fair never mind just watching the coaches; watch some of the parents attending the games and ask yourself why any parent would act at best like a two-year old?

Has sport become the new anger issue for adults that simply can’t control their emotions in the stands or on the side-lines?

As seen on the video posted on the Instagram account of Hockey Epic, the player wearing  # 91 red runs over his opponent behind the net after getting pushed forward then he blows up. 

Seeing that his rival is vulnerable on the ice, he goes ahead and strikes him twice with his hockey stick, so hard that you can tell the first hit struck him in the spine. 

The Referee quickly grabs hold the player so as to keep any further incident from taking place while a teammate of the player makes his way to the area to defend his team-mate.. 

While the executive would have reviewed the video, the referee report and interviewed those involved, they finally made a decision that shocked the hockey world!!

According to the 2017 BC Hockey Bulletin dated August 24th/2017 a memo sent out to Provincial Associations, should any player become involved in verbal taunts, racial slurs or insults they shall receive a 6 game suspension. 

We feel that they are strongly taking the necessary steps to ensure that the game is played in a safe environment for everyone playing.

Say and think what you will, we are hearing that this player that ‘deliberately chopped or swung” his stick at the other player lying on the ice, gets handed a one year suspension.

So the question you have to ask is the suspension a “FULL CALENDAR YEAR OR UNTIL THE END OF THE SEASON” and also if the suspension is reviewable?

Personally, I don’t want to keep this kid out of sport, but because of the actions he took, will this keep other kids from playing the game?

You just know that this is going to or has the implications to end up in court – but a year for this vicious, deliberate and violent swing?

Is this the sort of thing that you put the blame on the Parents and did he learn this at home, school or on the street?

 According to several that we have asked, the suspension should be far more severe and we definitely don’t want a life-time ban.

What would you assess!!!!