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Being involved in sports as I am is means enjoying what the world has to offer for everyone who takes part in the game of their choice, but at times it takes a turn for the worse forcing a stoppage for various reasons.

Such is the case as we are currently hearing about how the Virus has hit more than 20 Vancouver Canuck players and coaches have tested positive for variant symptoms which include cramping, vomiting and dehydration which we are now hearing has hit Family  members.

Given the extent of the serious nature of this sport means nothing as our thoughts should be focused on the health of the players, coaches and their Family members.

It’s reported that some have had fever, fatigue, mild headaches as showing a lack of energy or weakness and hearing reports of vomiting.

I am hearing from my sources that some on the list include Captain Bo Hovat, Thatcher Demko, Alex Edler, Adam Gaudette, Zack MacEwen, Braden Holtby, Travis Boyd, Jayce Hawryluk, Tyler Motte, Brandon Sutter, Tyler Myers, Quinn Hughes, Antoine Roussel, and Travis Hamonic.

One thing everybody can agree on is that the situation remains very serious.

The few Canucks that have had worse symptoms, according to the training staff, are said to be feeling better and just one player has had an IV administered.

Sport will wait and be there when this is finished and for those asking if I’m frustrated the answer is YES, but I am not an expert so don’t mention things I don’t know!!

We listen to some, but not all team personnel in leagues continue to criticize BC’s Provincial Health Minister Dr. Bonnie Henry who has more knowledge than those making the comments and clearly frustrated herself.

I was asked by someone who shall remain nameless “If leagues are getting provincial funding and team personnel are criticizing the Government, why are they getting funding” and far be it for me to give an answer.

Sad to even think of individuals who make comments such as this but I’m not really shocked as they remind me of either pushy parents or some politicians who spout off just to hear themselves talk and that’s a reality check!!

Politics aside after asking several hockey parents what they want for executive members or politicians and their reply is “someone who is honest and doesn’t sugar coat it” and truer words were never spoken.

There is no doubt that the past year has taken its toll on everyone and those who understand it will be patient and those who don’t walk away without talking and are only losers and that’s how they have been all of their lives.

Winter sport has turned to everyone focusing on spring and summer sport for not just the fresh air and the fun but rather overall development for today’s youth developing them to better citizens.

The NHL and all pro sports are more focused on one thing and that’s money with all sports trying to recoup their losses over the past year.

Some have come up with unique and ingenious ideas by using cutouts as spectators that are “socially distanced” in the stands giving us the thought that everything is fine, which it isn’t.

Those who are currently playing should be thankful for being allowed to play rather than criticize those who have given them the “green light” to play.

The only saving grace for minor sport is the dedication of the numerous volunteers who are working hard to have some sort of season for the overall development for today’s youth.

Many get involved in minor sport either because their Son or Daughter wanted to play, but after finishing their career these “unsung heroes” continue to help our youth and should be given commended and not criticized!! 

For those wanting to know the Canucks next road trip is slated be April 10th in Calgary and April 12th and 14th in Edmonton.

As you enjoy your Easter Sunday and above STAY SAFE!!!

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