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We posted an article earlier in the week surrounding the horrific and tragic Humboldt Broncos accident April 6th that claimed the lives of 16 persons.

The following day April 7th Logan Boulet passed away and it was on that day that saw six people have their lives change. 

They were in need of organ transplants and only due to the tragedy it altered and saved their lives.

Their families had received news that a donor had been found and they were to immediately travel to the transplant hospital. 

It was Logan Boulet who not only saved the lives of others that his legacy lives on to give the gift of caring so that others could live on. 

A year prior to the accident he had registered as an organ donor not knowing that his donation would save others and in keeping and respecting his wishes Bernadine and Toby Boulet respected his wishes.

As one would expect, word has traveled far and wide, seeing an overall increase in those registering as organ donors and signing donor cards in Canada, now known as ‘The Logan Boulet Effect’.

The day April 7th the day his organs were recovered is now officially known as Green Shirt Day, that encourages everyone to wear green in honour of the Humboldt Broncos.

Head Coach of the Moose Jaw AAA Warriors Trevor Weisgerber knows what this means first hand considering he received a kidney transplant earlier in January.

Weisgerber released a statement saying “I was an organ donor before I even knew I had any of this stuff, but I was fortunate that the gentleman who passed away, he was as well.” 

He continues “It’s incredible the effect it’s had and the publicity that it’s gotten for organ donation and for so many people to have signed their organ donation card because of him and that alone is incredible.”

It’s estimated by the Canadian Transplant Association that 100,000 people signed up the year following the accident and now reported that an additional 100,000 signed up following the first ever Green Shirt Day held in 2019.

Weisgerber mentioned “It obviously shows the type of guy that he was, taking on his legacy that way and it doesn’t take much to sign that card and if anything was to happen, you’re donating your organs. When you pass away, if you can save a life that way.”

It’s reported that 90% of Canadians say they support organ donation, but sadly enough only 23% have actually registered. 

While this is mentioned we should say that overall donations have improved over the past 10 years of the drive, but clearly more to be done. 

We hear that roughly 250 Canadians die each year due to having to wait for an organ transplant.

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