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Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Canada continues to grow as a country and a Nation, Canada is the envy of the world for what we have to offer.

Canada as a Nation was officially recognized July 1st, 1867 by the British North America Act, which today is known as the Constitution.

It wasn’t until June 20th, 1868 that the Governor General signed a proclamation that asked or requested all Canadians to celebrate July 1st, which was official in 1879.

While Canada has a rich history we should be thankful for our freedom that we often take for granted that we are able to do what we want; when we want within the law.

As the world continues to change today’s youth are learning about different cultures of Canada as the world changes.

To the youth we can only offer words of encouragement, such as listen to your parents, don’t get mixed up with the wrong crowd and be thankful to those who have helped you reach this milestone.

Friends don’t and won’t steer you wrong and only want what’s best for you and while you might not believe your parents for their advice, remember that they might have been given the same words from their parents.

The sports world has changed in various areas and not everyone will make it to the pro level of any sport and truthfully speaking you coaches only want what’s best for you.

Every sport has parents that focus on wanting their son or daughter become a professional, but not everyone makes it.

To the parents – don’t live your dreams through the eyes of your child and let them play at a level of the game they are comfortable at playing.

Sportswave covers a variety of sports and we will continue to cover sports from Amateur to Professional to keep you informed in the happenings of various events.

We have seen various changes in all sports over the years and no doubt we will continue to see changes for the betterment of the game.

For those in charge or on the executive of any league remember that changes you are looking to make are for the betterment of the game and not for you alone.

Let the youngsters play and be themselves, have fun and learn to grow into coaches who can follow the footsteps you put in place.

DON’T BE A PUSHY PARENT – today’s youth grow up too fast and will leave you wondering what happened and why?

Sign up and become a volunteer in any sport for the betterment of the game and show the youth of today what good sports are actually like!!

Sportswave wishes you and your Family a very Happy Canada Day!!


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