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The hype continues and with the first game wrapped up with Buffalo defeating the Colts pulling off a 27-24 win the league moves on to the second game of the day that sees the Bears visit the Saints in New Orleans.

The Saints enter the game with a record of 12-4 as they play host to the Bears (8-8) in a game that has all the hype and focus on Drew Brees (42) who reportedly set to retire after this season, so naturally hoping to pull off a win over the Bears.

The Bears won the toss giving the Saints first chance to march down-field in hopes of advancing in a chance to host Tampa for the upcoming weekend, while a win by Chicago would send them to travel to Green Bay.

Trubisky starts for the Bears and has led them to a 31 point average with their first drive forcing a fourth down kick.

With sports on hold we are seeing the NFL having the teams open the lower bowl with “social distancing” in place at all stadiums around the league.

Brees is eight and eight in the playoffs against the Bears that has Michael Thomas get his first TD in 385 days taking an early 7-0 lead with just over five minutes remaining in the first quarter.

The most interesting play for the Bears was a fourth and four with 2:05 left in the first quarter while Trubisky is in only his second playoff game and was in discussion with coaching staff pondering if a FG would be a viable alternative, but the ground play won out

Reportedly Jason Hill spent time in the tent for medical attention but all reports came up negative that saw him run a play action for extra yardage.

The Saints third drive saw #55 tagged with a false start for a 3rd and 9 that saw Harris get his 4th catch for 44 yards and a first down.

The Bears have led for five straight games after one, but not this one that saw the Bears march for 53 yards to the Saints 119 that saw the Bears average 5.3 yards per play to the Saints 5.4.

The second started with Brees forced to have an early throw that created a turnover with the Bears making a catch that was under review, which saw the ball given back to the Saints who attempted a 51 yard FG that went wide.

Bears were unable to gain yardage and were forced to punt for a 42 yard kick giving the Saints back the ball only to have Brees throw an interception on the 2nd down with no coverage from any safety’s.

The Bears after running two plays for a first down with a second and six that  saw a penalty given to Bears #85 setting up a 3rd and 20 for the Bears that set up a 36 FG attempt with Santos getting them back into the game making it 7-3.

The ensuing play saw the Bears hit with  a 5 yard penalty being offside setting up a throw to Thomas only to be dropped that set up a 4th and 12.

After a boot-leg drop pass the ensuing play saw the Bears get lucky with the call of an incomplete pass that was challenged by the Saints with the ruling on the field being upheld with the Bears retaining the ball for a 46 yard kick and a 3 yard return.

As the team’s head to the dressing room at the half this was the lowest scoring first half game since Superbowl 53.

In a first so as to attract younger fans the game was webcast on Nickelodeon and the graphic’s were impressive to watch.

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