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World Artistic Gymnastic Champships

Gymnastics is one sport that requires balance, agility, focus and dedication and without one or all four of the above you might just as well spend time cutting the lawn.

For all three this was an exceptional achievement to add to their portfolio and all have clearly earned the recognition to attend one of the most prestigious events in the world for gymnastics.

All of these gymnasts had to start somewhere though. To even get considered to compete in a competition as prestige as the World Artistic Gymnastic Championships, they would need to be trained at their local gymnastics training center before getting the chance to be scouted for national and international competitions. The more training they do, the more likely they are to be picked for competitions as big as this.

Sheremeta was invited by Gymnastics Canada to act as a volunteer judge an is currently an International Gymnastics Federation Brevet Category 3 judge putting in time and enthusiasm to reach this goal.

The event was held the first weekend in October and also the second time that the City of Montreal has hosted the World Championship event in it’s 47 year history.

They will have the chance to watch 500 gymnasts compete from 80 countries in front of thousands of spectators over seven days.

It should be known that they will see Olympic medalists competing together for the first time since the Summer Games in Rio with renowned spokesperson being the world class gymnasts Nadia Comaneci who competed in the 1976 Olympic Games.

In 1971 she competed in her first International competition which saw the competition take part between Romania against Yugoslavia.

She managed to capture all of the Championship titles and let’s remember that at the time she was only eight years of age.

It was in 1976 that she delivered a performance in Montreal at the Olympic Games that she delivered a flawless performance scoring a perfect 10 and it’s interesting to note that the scoreboard was unable to show such a score, so listed it as 1.0.

Attending means learning that for them will be on the way to obtain a category 1 and 2 certified judge.

This is the first time that all the athletes will be in the same place all using the same rules in the current four-year cycle running from 2016-2020 Olympic Games.

The Delta Gymnastics Society offers various programs and are located in Ladner behind the Ladner Leisure Center, more commonly known as the place the Vancouver Giants practice.

Congratulations to all three on this recognition. Well deserved!!!

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