Halftime Success – Questionable

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Anyone tuning in to watch the 53rd edition of this year’s Super Bowl expecting to have a “magic” experience had to be not only frustrated, but extremely disappointed in this years show.

It’s known as the one true performance that defines what the NFL is about and given the domestic problems and issues they face this only adds to their growing problems.

It’s clear to say that controversy surrounding the 53rd Superbowl started in part due to  the the way the NFL treated the Colin Kaepernick case last season.

He (Kaepernick) was the one former player started the issue with some taking a knee during the USA National Anthem.

Taking a knee was a way for players to show and protest the biased, unjust or prejudicial manner in which the African Americans were being treated and respected..

It took a while and eventually it was the NFL that announced that any player who kneeled or took a knee down during the anthem would be fined for their actions.

Right or wrong, freedom of speech means something, even in Canada, but this raised the ire of politicians and even the President of the United States of America.

It goes to say that the player in question garnered support from various individuals as well as various celebrities in addition to garnering “star status” last year when he was the face of Nike.

The Superbowl has (it’s reported) the largest viewership of the projected 100 million American viewers. of all sporting events each year, some that aren’t football fans.

Many watch only to take in the halftime show as well as the TV Commercials, which are by far better than the commercials shown in Canada and many are asking why the US commercials are far better?

The game has performances by music artists that are on the top of the charts that allows for additional ticket sales so as to entice additional viewers to the game to catch a glimpse of new commercials.

The day after the “big game” I had the chance to ask many sports fans about the halftime mega-show and it was unanimous – it was a FLOP.

When does a major sporting event such as the Superbowl allow music artists to play/sing their music that have profanity in the lyrics that have to be “bleeped” out for censorship.

Such was the case this year when the halftime group Maroon 5 put on a show that had many wanting to turn the set’s off, only to return at the start of the third quarter.

Halftime started with flash pots and a bang followed by what many are calling another Janet Jackson show February 1/2004 with Justin Timberlake, many referring to Adam Levine’s shirtless  thirteen and a half minute performance.

It’s reported that the US Federal Communications Commission fined CBS over $500,000 for the halftime “Nipplegate” performance as it’s now known.

Jackson herself it’s reported was allegedly ostracized from both radio and television for a portion of  a year, while Timberlake was free from controversy and/or boycott.

Controversy surrounded the choice of Maroon 5 selection as well as the appearance of the two rappers Travis Scott and Big Boi and if this is the best they can manage to get, have a halftime “ping pong championship rather than subjecting the fans to ridicule.

The only high point to the performance was hearing that Maroon 5 donated their entire earnings of the $500,000 to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  

In an interview recorded prior to the game it’s reported that Adam Levine mentioned “We thank the NFL for the opportunity and also to them, along with Interscope Records, for making this donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters, which will have a major impact for children across the country.”

Let’s not forget that the charity of Big Brothers and Big Sisters Of America helps children in realizing and reaching their full potential, helping them build their futures.

One of the reasons why Maroon 5 faced criticism for their performance was in part due to the NFL’s refusal to address or even acknowledge concerns of the player’s.

We hear that the group Maroon 5 avoids any form of controversies and those in charge were unsure of how any issues would be faced in hearing that the group would do there best to separate their music from any political issue.