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The game of Football at the pro level of the game is a game that should look at making changes so as to attract more fans, only due to the ongoing stoppages that take place in their sport.

Rules are rules and while today’s game is meant to entertain, it’s the on field product that needs to be addressed by the executive members of the league.

True that fans, but when you either attend in person or simply watch a game on the tube, the overall product turns fans off, when in actuality it’s meant to entertain.

How this happens is something left up to those in charge of the league(s) and it’s time that the story travels from coast to coast.

I am hearing that Football Canada is set to release a 30-second commercial so as to promote how the Canada’s governing body for the sport has written the amateur path for various programs for today’s youth being played in various playgrounds across Canada.

It will kick-off de during Krown Gridiron Nation, which is Canada’s Amateur Football Show in the regular time slot at 3:00 PM (EST) Wednesday’s.

The video will also play on (all) Ontario University Athletics (OUA) as well as Atlantic University Sports (AUS) online broadcasts starting this week.  

Football Canada President Jim Mullin mentioned “We’re happy to have engaged the team at The T1 Agency to start to get our vision out to the nation and we’d like to thank Krown Produce for donating the airtime on TSN’s Gridiron Nation every week through the season.” 

The commercial launch is the stepping stone for many exciting initiatives Football Canada has recently released as well as others being unveiled in the coming weeks.

Jim Mullin continues “This commercial is the first in many steps for Football Canada to start telling our story.”

The link to OUA.TV and AUS.TV are listed below:



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