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Workout Good For Body & Mind

If you surveyed one hundred people on why they exercise, you might be surprised to hear the varied answers. Obviously you work out for good health of body and mind.

Some just want to lose weight, others enjoy the social camaraderie and a few just need to burn off pent up mental energy.

No matter your reason for just getting out there and doing it, your body will love you to death for it – hopefully not literally.

That takes care of heart, body and mind but what are you doing to protect your skin?

I’ve seen die-hard golfers and old soccer balls (Wilson?) that bear a striking resemblance to each other for the same reason: no moisturizing after-care.

Running outdoors can cause skin health issues such as sunburn, chafing and blisters or worse – melanoma skin cancer.

Dealing with these skin problems can stop you from maintaining your sports related goals.

Kelly Muciy, co-founder and brand manager of Zyderma® HS shares how their product, which is an antimicrobial clarifying cream formula, can help treat skin blemishes while keeping your skin healthy on a daily basis.

Here is our Q&A:

Q: Tell us about Zyderma® HS?

A: Our approach to daily skin care for acne-prone and problem skin is to support the body’s own natural healing system and its built-in pharmacy. Our clarifying cream formula with MicroSilver BG™ Technology and a unique combination of skin nurturing ingredients, offers a pure and natural antimicrobial cleansing which helps to maintain a healthy skin balance.

Q: What are the benefits for runners in using your clarifying cream?

A: Runners are road warriors! Using the clarifying cream daily as directed will help keep your skin looking healthy and hydrated.

Q: What skin problems can runners face while working out?

A: Runners often experience sunburn, blisters, chafing and razor bumps due to the impact of the sport and the environment. Athletes can be acne-prone too (face, back, chest, etc.) due to excessive sweating and improper, dirty gear. Existing skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema and psoriasis may also become inflamed and aggravated from overheating.

Q: Can it heal your skin from an infection?

A: Studies show that the antimicrobial cleansing activity of MicroSilver BG™ safely and effectively reduces the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria, which greatly supports the skin’s natural healing process and healthy appearance.

Q: What would you recommend to a runner who is bothered by a blister?

A; Blisters can become a concern when the skin is broken – it may develop into a bacterial infection. Keep the area clean, protect it with a bandage and use the clarifying cream daily, as many times as needed, to help prevent issues before they occur.

Q: What are some skin health tips you would recommend for runners on the go?

A: The goal for sufferers of problem skin is ultimately clear and healthy-looking skin. This may take time so be patient and be consistent. Start setting up your body for success with these simple and effective tips:

  1. Stay hydrated with plenty of water and eat fresh nourishing food
  2. Keep hands off face and other problem areas to avoid aggravating the skin
  3. Toss expired makeup and personal care products
  1. Regularly cleanse and treat sports equipment that may harbour bacteria  Remember: if there’s an odour, it’s bacteria!If you surveyed one hundred people on why they exercise, you might be surprised to hear the varied answers.
  2. Choose moisture-wicking clothing for best performance
  3. Cleanse and dry skin with clean towels.
  4. Use a gentle cleanser without harsh ingredients
  5. Use Zyderma® HS Clarifying Cream as directed
  6. Sleep on clean sheets and pillow cases (change weekly at least)
  7. Wear an SPF to protect skin from premature aging and skin cancer. MicroSilver BG™ keeps working even under an SPF

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