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As per our weekly “Fitness Friday” feature supplied by Christine Blanchette, this week she had an in depth chat with Suzan Galluzzo about making a career out of improving lives through exercise and proper nutrition.  

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, Galluzo’s expertise is applied to anyone looking to make a lasting transition to better health. 

She recognizes cross-training as an important component of running because it recharges your battery while improving performance. 

She works with all levels of abilities and recently offered her tips in this space to beginning runners on cross-training and proper nutrition. 

Galluzzo said, “Before a run, you want to make sure you steer clear of foods that may upset your stomach, so no meat, dairy, or high fibre foods.  My meal plans normally are the following:

Gluten, sugar and dairy-free. This doesn’t change for the sport. 

Below are sample snack ideas for pre and post-run:

– A piece of Ezekiel toast and peanut butter – of course, the one without sugar.  It will help with post-run recovery as well as strengthening the immune system.

– Half an apple or berries and some nuts.

– Bananas provide enough carbs for energy as well as minerals necessary, like magnesium and potassium that you will lose during your run.

– Coffee (should) be black – the caffeine will help you run faster, as well as cover more distance.

– Whole grain pasta the night before a long run will help you go the distance. The glycogen stores will provide you with enough energy during the run.

– Oats are an amazing pre or post-run meal. They are low glycemic so a slow-release carb. Your blood sugar will rise slowly – keeping you full longer and full of energy.

– Sweet potatoes are amazing pre and post-run snack. They are high in potassium, similar to bananas. They are low calorie and high carb providing you with enough energy for longer runs.

Below are Galluzzo’s Three (3) tips for Cross-Training: 

1. Weight training – you are not only strengthening the muscles that are used during running but those not being used.  

This will improve areas like explosiveness when you need it.  Weight lifting will build muscle that can withstand longer runs.  

2.  HIIT Training (High-Intensity Interval Training) – Most of my workouts are HIIT focused:  improving cardiovascular for your runs as well as improving core strength, endurance, and overall performance.  

HIIT typically includes 10-60 seconds of explosive moves followed by 10-30 seconds of rest. HIIT will also improve the overall appearance of your physique, creating symmetry in the body. 

3.  Plyometric moves; similar to HIIT – will improve core and endurance.  Plyometric moves will improve your ability to recruit more muscles during your run as well as agility. This is very helpful for long-distance runs as muscles tire.  Plyo moves – Squat jumps, box jumps, lunge jumps.  

She also suggests, “Do different classes; boot camps offer so much variety when it comes to cross-training.  Try different ones to see what you like best. Mix it up. You want to make sure that your cross-training doesn’t cause you pain. If you feel movements are painful, stop.  It may be a sign that muscles need time to build strength. Start slowly. My most seasoned runners have difficulty keeping up in my classes in the beginning because we are using different muscles and movements.  Don’t let that stop you. Incorporating different types of cross-training will make runs even more enjoyable.”

Galluzzo has included a BONUS Recipe for you!!!!

Runners Sweet Potato Pancake

1/2 cup egg whites, 1/3 cup quick cooking oats, 1/3 cup mashed banana

1/2 cup cooked, mashed sweet potato, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, Cinnamon, to taste

Peanut butter, for drizzling (optional)

Blend all ingredients together in a blender on high

Spray pan with coconut oil

Pour half of the mixture and flip pancake when it starts to bubble. 

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