Babes In Business Suits

Felicia Pizzonia caught the entrepreneurial spirit in high school when she created a business plan interwoven with her passion for helping others and led to writing her first book in 2009, Babes in Business Suit: Success Secrets of the Top Women Entrepreneurs of the World.  

It’s an inspirational best selling book about women from all walks of life who share their success stories.

Today, Toronto resident Pizzonia is a successful entrepreneur, best selling author, avid fitness enthusiast and is Executive Director of the Get Fit, Eat Right, and Live Life, ( which is a federal not -for -profit organization, educating kids on healthy initiatives and the child obesity campaign.

In a Q&A interview, Pizzonia tells of when she first started writing and how fitness plays a huge role in her daily life.

Q:  When did your passion for writing begin?

A:  I have always loved writing and at age six I wrote my first book titled Phyllis the Mouse. From there I wrote several other books, however, I published my first book in 2009.

The book was birthed from a vision I had while in Las Vegas, walking down the hallway of the Bellagio.

I was in the midst of hosting a seminar with Bob Proctor, and during a break, I was walking down the hallway with eight different women from all over the world as an army of glamour… that was when the idea hit me.

Babes in Business Suits and the entire rough draft was written in three days.

Today the book still sells thousands of copies annually and is celebrating 10 years with a 5-time best seller status, thanks to Ellen DeGeneres supporting the book.

Some of Pizzonia’s other recent titles include Great Canadian Franchise Stories, North America’s Top Doctors, and Delicious Words: the Power of the Spoken Word and Sales Psychology. Her latest book is Mind Candy: How to Program the Subconscious Mind to Achieve Any Goal (2018).

Q: Tell us about your work on the board of

A: I have a background in nutrition and live a healthy lifestyle. I felt that it was imperative to share this knowledge with our youth.

I helped to develop the GELtogether brand and campaign, being that Canada still is in need of healthy living education as well as tools for our youth.

The GEL campaign is a federal not-for-profit (which) I fussed the power of a festival with seminars and entertainment all in one to educate and entertain people into healthy habits for life, body, mind, and spirit.

Q:  How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle?

A: I write everything down as it creates a mind tattoo.

If you write it down, it gets done. When I am traveling I may cut down my workouts to a shorter, more intense workout, or if I really cannot fit it in, then I focus on fasting and meditation.  

For me, exercising is just like eating, breathing and sleeping and you wouldn’t go a day without breathing, thus it’s not an option to miss a workout.

Q: Tell us about your experience with meeting Ellen DeGeneres along with releasing Mind Candy?

A: Mind Candy is a recipe I created by harnessing all my experiences since I was 15 years old. At that time, I was homeless and my diet consisted of rice.

I knew innately that this hardship would pass and used my experience as a massive stepping stone to build calluses in my mind. I knew without a doubt I would own multiple businesses and teach others through speaking and writing books.  

Mind Candy is the code to program your subconscious mind to achieve success; the Mind Candy code.

Your life is a reflection of what you think – thoughts become things, everything stems from your mind. Everything you see is a precipitated thought.

This past October 2018 I had the pleasure to meet Ellen DeGeneres again on her show set to discuss an incredible project to be announced in 2020.  

I consider her an incredible friend and business associate who understands the power of the subconscious mind.

DeGeneres has bought over 2000 copies of Babes in Business Suits and Mind Candy.

Q. What is next for you?

A: I am excited to announce that my next book is scheduled for a Winter 2019/2020 release and it is titled Heartcore Hustle, how to live from your heart to achieve massive success.  

Pizzonia is living her dream through her work as a best selling author, along with her unbridled passion for health and fitness.

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