Canada Run Club

Meet Rob Guy, former elite runner, past CEO of Athletics Canada and founder of the recently launched Canada Run Club.  

Guy, a Toronto resident, along with his leadership group of former Canadian National Team middle distance runner Dave Reid, and Walter Faion, a lifestyle runner who hasn’t missed a run in thirty years, created the CRC to promote physical literacy.  

No doubt to anyone that knows them, the three have a lifelong passion for the sport.  

Their special mission at the CRC is, to welcome all levels of abilities and be a resource for the betterment of all, from training tips to providing a running hub where runners can connect with each other.

In an interview this week, Guy revealed his ambitious plan for his club’s growth, saying, “There are (approximately) 1.6 million runners in Canada. Our club just started two weeks ago so we have less than 100 members so far, but are hoping to have 100,000 by the end of 2020.”

Running can be challenging to find a comfort level, yet those who persist may reap the tangible benefits of losing weight, building confidence, improved mental well-being, and increased stamina.

There are many athletes that make the transition to running from other sports without skipping a beat, especially cyclists and soccer players, as well as those who use running to rehab into top shape after an injury.

It’s part of a running boom which has grown exponentially over the past 40 years.  

Guy continues, “We want to inspire, educate and motivate all levels and newcomers to running from (the) east to the west coast.”

The CRC offers an annual membership that costs only five dollars to join, in return for benefits which include coaching services, contests, and special rates on running gear.  

Whether you are looking to connect with other runners from across the country, to sharing your story, everyone is welcome to join. I

f you have a story on running you want to share, the club wants to hear from you.

Guy says, “Our team of experienced ambassadors includes some of Canada’s best athletes. We’re proud to have Olympians and passionate local runners representing CRC on the ground at events across the country.”

Ambassadors will be present at selected running events to bring awareness and promote CRC and what the club can offer, whether you are a track athlete, road or trail runner.

Having a national run club to join such as CRC, can enlighten Canadians to their own unique tales of training, tribulations, and accomplishments.  

Every region, while so different in their topography, has the commonality of runners attempting to conquer the elements.

It’s opening a lot of windows and seeing how we basically manage, from novice to elites, from the mountains to the flats to the Lakeshore.

From here it looks like a good idea.

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