Benefits of Running

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Noel Paine is an avid runner, running dad and author, and he shares here in a Q&A the benefits of running for your mental health.

Q: How has running/race walking helped with your mental well-being?

A: Running is like a mental health tool that has allowed me to clear my mind, de-stress and approach a tough day, situation or problem with a clear mind.

Running is not going to fix everything but it has allowed me to be in a healthier frame of mind to tackle whatever is bothering me.

Q: How does it help?

A: Running makes me feel better. Body and mind. Running even if even a small run makes me physically feel good. It allows me to sweat, work out some tension in my body and feel like I have accomplished something.

A run also clears my mind and lowers my stress level and helps me be in a better frame of mind.

Q: What are the benefits?

A: Running is something that can help balance you. It improves your fitness and physical health and helps you focus and be in a healthier mindset.

Q: What tips can you give to someone who may be struggling?

A: Anxiety and depression and bad spots are when your brain seems to tell you to do nothing, stop, give up or hide. A fear response to something bad. 

Sometimes just lacing up, doing something can crack this – and allow your body and mind to be in a better place to address your situation.

Q: World Mental Health Day is October 10th, what can people do to help spread the word?

A: Share tips and advice, tell your story if comfortable. Let people know they are never alone and that dealing with mental health is something we all do – it’s ok to ask for help or someone to listen. 

It’s easier and quicker to climb out of a hole or dark place with the help of someone else

Q: Is there anything else you like to add?

A: Life is like a marathon with ups and downs, good and bad patches and being able to get to the finish line is a mix of being physically and mentally ready.

You may also feel like you got to the start line alone but there are always people who help you get there and people along the course.

Never give up.

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