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In an email interview, the Halifax resident regards himself as a soul/funk singer who recently released his new single, Better Not Let Me Down from his upcoming album, What Goes Around, which is his first album in seven years.

Kirby is currently on a Canadian tour which will take him from down east to as far west as Saskatchewan. 

This week he shared his musical journey with a reporter, along with the importance of eating healthy while on the road.

Kirby began, “I would say my passion for music started in junior high school, which is when I started playing the guitar. I had been playing piano since I was five, but up to that point music for me was an after school activity that I did, no different from bowling or karate classes.” 

He Continued “But when I started playing guitar, I felt I had a new identity. I discovered how to create my own music and how to use music to reach people – making them laugh, cry, etc. I quickly started seeking out other musicians to play with, and from then on I’ve been enjoying playing music with and for anyone who will listen.”

An inquiring mind asked, did he find it difficult to eat healthy and stay fit while on tour?

“I don’t find it that hard,” he said, “These days there are grocery stores and markets with easy and healthy takeout meals everywhere. Also, I carry a refillable water bottle with me and I can find clean drinkable water just about anywhere for free.”

Kirby obviously takes his nutritional intake seriously, saying, “Whenever possible I’ll stock up on fruits and veggies at a grocery store and carry those around with me. Above all else, two things are most important to me feeling on top of my game: a good night’s sleep and drinking lots of water. I definitely get tempted more than once in a while with burgers and the like but I try to keep those meals to a minimum. That said, my favourite dish isn’t the (healthiest) – if I see a nice lamb burger with sweet potato fries on the menu I’ll go for that every time.”

As the conversation turned to working out, he said: “When I’m on the road I try to get some sort of exercise every day. Most hotels have gyms these days and you can usually find me there in the mornings, or maybe just walking around for hours exploring whatever town I’m in.”

Kirby’s single, Better Not Let Me Down was written by him and Michelle Bensimon, over Skype a few months after they met at a songwriting camp in Los Angeles. 

The camp began the morning after the United States Presidential election in 2016 and the song is based on their collective experiences and observations on the people and political climate in California and the US in general.

Kirby says, “Pot of Gold is the only song on the new album that I wrote all by myself,” adding, “It’s a fun song to play, sing, and (I hope) to listen to. In short, it’s about getting a little too excited and moving a little too fast with your lover. There’s some heavy wordplay in there, which is the only way I can get away with this subject matter. I would say I’m way too nerdy to pull off a straight-up sexy song.”

Kirby’s music is available on various streaming services including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and more.

Christine Blanchette is the host and producer of Run With It, a monthly running, fitness and health program on Run With It YouTube and also on Twitter @christineruns.

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