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10 Reasons To Stay Motivated

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Staying in shape can be a challenge in summer because of stifling heat combined with myriad opportunities to do fun stuff that doesn’t challenge your sweat glands.  

But summer is over and fall is upon us, essentially meaning it’s time to put up or shut up.

If you’re comfortable heading into fall and winter in jeans two sizes larger, stop reading this, grab yourself a cheeseburger, find the remote and catch up on Seinfeld.

Whether young, old or in between, the benefits of an exercise program pay like money in the bank. And fall is the perfect time to make those body deposits because cooler temperatures allow you to do so much more.  

You simply need to resolve to improve yourself.  

Nothing will be more satisfying than gauging your improvement while achieving your goals.

It’s your decision, then your work to improve your body and at some point you can measure your improvement.

This kind of mental toughness can be easily directed into everything else that you do.  

Here are my Top 10 tips for staying in shape through fall:

  1. Fitness plan – have an exercise program ready to start that will have both running and cross training. This will keep you on course. Take advantage of late afternoon / early evening sunlight for outdoor workouts.
  2. Follow a regular exercise program so you don’t have to think about it. You’ll have more energy for the daily demands of work or school and best of all the workouts will become easier over time as your fitness level improves.  
  3. Following a regular exercise program will protect your body, especially during the holiday season.  Beautifully, you don’t even need to hold back on Thanksgiving dinner (okay, try to avoid third helpings), knowing that tomorrow you’ll be back on track, working it off. By week end you’ll be back to your pre-holiday weight. For Christmas and New Year, where calories are always ready to attack the unprepared, simply follow your Thanksgiving pre and post workout plan.  Remember, everything in moderation!
  4. Try something new – cross country running events are fun to participate and meet new friends.  Hiking gives you an opportunity to explore your beautiful surroundings in a way you may never have noticed before.
  5. Partner – whether you have a partner to run with or a dog will help you stay on track with your fitness regime. You’ll be kept honest and you’ll all be the winners.
  6. Home exercises – don’t let a little rain or snow derail you from your fitness goal. Lift weights at home or go to your local fitness center for treadmill or elliptical machines. You don’t have to skip a beat.
  7. Gear – buy something new for your fall wardrobe as this could help motivate you at a time when you need it. You know, look good, feel good then enjoy it just a little bit more.
  8. Yard work such as gardening, mowing lawns and raking leaves can help burn calories.
  9. Vacation – can be a good time to plan a destination run like New York City marathon – if you happen to be fit and prepared. It will be an unforgettable experience of your lifetime. Running 10 km for the first time will also be an unforgettable accomplishment.
  1. Reward – make sure to reward yourself after achieving your personal goal.  This could be in the form of a delicious dessert, specialty coffee, craft beer or wine.

You choose because you earned it.

World Heart Day is on September 29th.  Fall can be the perfect season to start an exercise program to get back into shape.

Refresh your running while spicing it up with some cross training.  It is also a good time to eat healthier.

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