Scott Moir Named Head Coach

Photo Credit Canadian Press

Growing up in small town Ontario doesn’t simply mean that you give up on your dreams, but rather work twice as hard to achieve success to reach the podium

While it’s not easy, it can be done and such is the case with 33-year-old Olympic Champion Scott Moir who along with Tessa Virtue, half of the Olympic Ice Dance Champion who won Gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games.

Tessa Virtue are the most decorated ice dancers in Olympic history, capturing dance gold in 2010 in Vancouver and 2018 in Pyeongchang, plus silver in 2014 in Sochi. 

Scott began skating  at the young age of nine who was taught by his Aunt who was his skating coach and along with Tessa who drove 70 miles away to Kitchener for lessons and I am hearing that they attended school in Kitchener.

The pair retired from Olympic Skating and now we are hearing that Scott has recently been hired as Head Coach and Managing Director of the Ice Academy of Montreal’s second campus.

Virtue and Moir trained at the Ice Academy of Montreal (I.AM) for the final two years of their careers, which Moir called “a dream come true.

He released an announcement or statement on Facebook “I have always been extremely passionate about figure skating and now that my competitive career is done, I am looking forward to giving young local, Canadian and, hopefully soon, international skaters, the opportunity to reach their potential at a world-class skating academy.”

He (Scott) mentioned “As a coach, I am committed to not only developing well-rounded athletes but also good human beings and for some, sport is just a short chapter of their lives so I am excited to help athletes develop many life skills that they can take with them on their next chapter.”

Moir gives full credit to Montreal Coaches Marie-France Dubreuil, Patrice Lauzon and Romain Haguenauer for helping the pair recapture a love for their craft ahead of winning gold in Korea. 

He mentioned “Canada is on the map being home to the best ice dance school in the world,” Moir said. “I look forward to continuing and building on that in Southwestern Ontario.” 

This report was first published by The Canadian Press Feb. 4, 2021.