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The first article had such positive comments below is part two on Bass Fishing

Enjoy the read and boat and fish safe and follow the rules and regulations.

Why is Bass Fishing Popular?

The main reason why bass fishing is so popular is that this type of fish is easier to find. It also grows larger than most other species, attracting people who love to catch big fish. 

Also, bass fish have fewer bones, making them preferable for those who want to filet and eat.  

Another reason why bass fishing competitions are popular is that they provide fun for all age groups and skill levels.  

The History of Bass Fishing Tournaments  

Over the years, bass fishing has evolved as a sport. It was launched, through pole fishing, by the working class in the 19th Century

Various modifications to the artificial bait occurred until 1949 when the plastic worm lure was introduced and used throughout the century. 

This innovation became revolutionary to the emerging sport of bass fishing.

In the later 1900s, rapid development in bass fishing angling tools ensured good catches by anglers. It attracted more anglers to the sport.

The idea of a world-class sporting bass tournament was the brainchild of an Alabama salesperson. Ray Wilson Scott, Jnr founded the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.) in 1967. His vision was to standardize the sport with rules and build a community of well-mannered anglers.

As the 20th Century progressed, the sport’s development was greatly stimulated by advancements in angling tools for bass that lead to more catches, attracting even more people into the sport. 

These developments have continued up to this day by introducing applications (apps) that make a sound that attracts fish.

The introduction of black bass in different parts of the world by government wildlife departments, fishers, and conservation groups has spurred the sport on in recent history. 

Add the huge prizes paid to winners in bass fishing tournaments, and you know you have a sport that will attract even more followers in the future.   

A Guide to Fishing Tournaments

Photo by: John Booth

Usually, to be part of a competitive bass fishing tournament, you need to join a local club in your area.

In bass fishing tournaments, there are different ways in which the participants are arranged into categories.

Anglers fishing from someone else’s boat (called non-boaters) must submit to the owner’s control while fishing. 

They are usually expected to contribute to the expenses of running the boat during fishing tournaments.

As would be the case in any competition, you would want to go to a competitive bass fishing tournament with fishing tools that you are used to. You wouldn’t want to miss a grand prize because you tried to use complicated equipment you’re not familiar with during a competition.

In most bass fishing tournaments, your catch’s weight is not the only deciding factor for winning. 

The bass species and the total number of fish caught are contributing factors that decide the winner. 

The rules often penalize competitors who present dead or undersized fish. Anglers usually leave their catch in a “live well” on the boat until officials come to weigh and record.

If you want to be a registered professional bass angler, you must have a proven reputation gained through participating and winning smaller bass fishing events.

Part three will be posted Saturday April 3rd.

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