Solid Pitching Advances Coquitlam

Photo Credit 2019 Canadian Major Little League Championship logo. - Contributed

Locally the pro teams in the area are suffering beyond belief and when it comes to playing for fun we are watching a group of young 12-year olds bringing the area together.

It’s the time of the season that the boys of summer are focused on wrapping up the  ball season or thinking of sports to play in the winter months, until ball season once again rolls around.

Locally the BC Champion Coquitlam A’s advanced after pulling out the BC Championship win after knocking off host Little Mountain. 

The win allowed them to ride  championship wave as they ventured east to play at the Canadian Little League Championships at Ancaster Ontario. 

To the surprise of some, but not the parents they managed to capture the championship win over Quebec, which was the crowning glory for Canadian supremacy and now head off to the Little League World Championship as Canada’s representative.


For many of the young players, this is the first time they are spending time away from their parents and/or guardians, so it’s rather unique.

They all adapt rather well and for this group off 10-12 years old its a chance for them to bond, make life-long friends, while playing the sport they love. 

For a lot of them it’s their first time travelling without their parents so it’s an exciting, kind of nerve-racking time

It is interesting to note that all of the teams are staying in the same dormitories – well except for Ancaster as they stay at home. 

As one might expect there is a lot of bonding, they play football and soccer against each other on their off days.

Players from all of the teams have now become friends off the diamond, but competitors on the diamond and it’s fair to say that “everybody wants to go to Williamsport.” 

The history of the Coquitlam A”s organization dates back to 1956 that saw them win three (3) Provincial in which they had success at all levels in their baseball programs.

The win by Coquitlam represents the 14th title in the 15 year history of the club and with the win they are now heading to Williamsport Pa to compete in the Little World Series.

Team Manager Bruce Dorwart told the media “The boys are just absolutely thrilled, and honestly we’re still in shock that we actually accomplished this and I couldn’t be more proud of a group of kids. They played absolutely amazing all week.”

Coquitlam starter Matt Shanley pitched 13 “K” (strikeouts) as well as managed to add a home run  giving them the depth for the win.

 Matthew Shanley struck out 13 of the 14 batters
Photo Credit TBA / PNG

No Canadian team has ever won the Championship at Williamsport and following the win in Ancaster it was Manager Bruce Dorwart was heard telling the media “he’s confident his team can at least pick up a few wins to make this country proud and wear the Maple Leaf at the Little League World Series.

We are hearing that Shanley will be on the mound when Coquitlam faces Mexico in their opening game Friday at 3 pm PT.