Vancouver Re-Opens – In Part

Photo Credit Courtesy West Vancouver Schools

The return started September 8th for Vancouver Recreation Centres that began to open their doors while following the guidelines in place by the Provincial Health Minister, with the focus being on Children, youth and seniors. 

Roughly two dozen across the city resumed services all in limited capacity as the city re-opens in phase four of the COVID-19 PANDEMIC business which is in place to restart the City.

This comes after the city shut down all public places, which included community centers and other centers all due to  the coronavirus spread, which doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon.

“The Park Board is taking a thoughtful and phased reopening approach in alignment with the B.C.’s restart plan and consultation with various government and non-government agencies and partners, “

At first there was no timeline determined for the reintroduction of gyms, courts, rinks and indoor pools as well as pottery and woodworking studios. The Parks, Beaches, and Gardens and have been permitted to re-open and most outdoor pools on July 13th.

What we can expect from the residents as the Rec Centers re-open with limited programs available due to Covid-19 protocols.

Hopefully participants will have to register for the programs as there will be limited drop-ins at the community centres, stay tuned for the bulletins and sanitizing will be factored in as well into the scheduling for room bookings and shared spaces.

To prevent overcrowding and also allowing for the required social physical distancing put in place which is currently set for two metres all following  the staggered start.

Staff at the centers will oversee directing people in common spaces and ensuring that groups are not allowed according to the safety plans to follow.

Boards will be responsible for operating and maintaining the centers and overhead costs, and localized community center associations will decide and deliver all programming according to costs.

|And all physical distancing will be controlled with the health guidelines in accordance with the BC Ministry of Health and BC Centre for disease control.

The programs will have a specific safety plan and outlines that supports required and the flow of the lines of people at each location depending on the building design.

Let’s see how this all works out!!