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Rocket Rod’s

For those living in Delta, many have had the opportunity to visit Rocket Rod’s Hockey Shop at the GPF.

He has been located there for several years, but times are changing as is any future venture of Rod.

I received the following note from Rod on the closing of his store, which will be missed in the area.

Hi Steve:

Sorry for the blanket email but when you’re looking to update many friends, family members and good customers from over the years it’s kind of the only way to go!

I want to take a moment to let everyone know that I have decided to sell my hockey shop, “Rocket Rods Hockey”. I do this with ambitions to try some new things in life and clear the table to chase those things down.

In addition to letting you all know this I would also like to say thanks to those of you who have been valued customers over the years and helped me make a go out of it, thereby helping to support our household and make a living.

Thank you, very much.

To those of you who were not customers so much as people I met through the business or just simply friends and family that were there all along,

I want to make sure you’re in the loop and don’t walk in here one day to find me gone and think “what a jerk for not telling me!”

My plan is to move forward with my latest unshakable dream of opening and operating a small tiki cocktail lounge somewhere in Vancouver.

I hope all of you find the time to come by once this has actually become reality.

The new owners of Rocket Rods are good guys looking for similar things that I am, a change and a new direction.

On know hockey, will begin a training program with me starting tomorrow and then officially take over the space as of February 1st. they will officially be taking over and I will be moving on.

I will be using a different email address from that point on –

Feel free to use it anytime, I will always look forward to a note from a friend.