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Protective Gear Essential

Sport requires focus, dedication and commitment if one expects to succeed and it goes to say that everyone should have a mentor, but only one that is focused on your commitment to succeed.

Parents can assist in various ways, but only if they have your betterment in mind as well as an understanding that you play under the rules and in a safe environment.

As safe as we can be and using as much protective equipment as we must, injuries can and will happen before, during and after any game and/or contest.

We are as safe as we can be, but in today’s ever changing world one should expect situations to arise that are out of your control that are not always caused by someone you know.

Paintball is a sport that was developed in the 1980s in which players eliminate opponents from play by hitting them with dye-filled, breakable, oil and gelatin paintballs, or pellets.

They are normally (but not always) shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed air (Nitrogen) powered “paintball marker”.

The game itself is mostly played at a sporting level with organized competition that involve specific tournaments, professional teams, and individual players.

As one would expect it clearly depends what might be different from event to event and most or all games can last from mere seconds to several hours.

The legality of paintball varies among countries and regions. In most areas where regulated play is offered, players are required to wear protective full face masks, safety equipment,  in which all game rules are strictly enforced by the event or organization.

Such is the case recently when we are hearing that a youth or teen received a gash on his leg after he was hit by a paintball that was shot or fired from a vehicle.

He was riding his bike on the sidewalk with a friend walking he heard several “pop – pop – pop” shots or noises, which were eventually described as paintball shots by the Delta Police.

While we all wear protective gear while competing in sports, it’s imperative for everyone to remain vigilant with your surroundings to keep yourself safe at all times.

With the long weekend upon us wherever your travels take you or whatever sport you might be competing in –  play safe at all times.

Some “low-life” individual or group felt that they were being funny by trying to place harm and injury on an innocent bystander, who was only out enjoying the day spending time with friends.

So if you are going to impress your so-called friends – DON’T!

We have far too much hate in today’s world one has to ask where these “punks” learn this behaviour and who teaches it.

I certainly hope it’s not the Parents!!!