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Divorce Face-Off

In today’s world married couples have issues that are at times extremely difficult to resolve, which at times issues are unsolvable and lead to divorce.

Most often it’s other individuals that get more than both individuals going through the divorce and have worked a lifetime to get what they have, now running the risk of losing it.

We hear strange stories about one individual wanting the family dog, the car, the house to offset support and quite often end up with less than they initially were asking.

Now we are hearing of a couple Donald and Beverly McLeod are facing-off in divorce court over custody of who gets the rights to their two season tickets.

Apparently what the judge has written isn’t overly clear and the ruling is a mix of compromise, common sense and an NHL-style draft settlement to divide the seats purchased by the couple.

Justice Ritu Khullar of Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench stated is the following and such that “The parties shall share equally – including playoff games, if indeed they are applicable.”

Given the stardome that Oilers Connor McDavid is having theseday’s, it seems only fitting that they could end up with Stanley Cup tickets next spring, but let’s hope that it’s not for the same games.

It’s reported that those seats would be evenly divided, as per the judge’s Sept. 27 order that he put in place.

It’s interesting to note that the McLeods have been regulars at Oilers games over the past decade, of course all pre-McDavid seasons.

When they were unable to attend games as a couple they shared their pair of seats, mostly with friends and relatives, and sometimes with Donald’s business clients.

To borrow the judge mentioned “Ms. McLeod loves going to the games and the tickets were an asset used for family enjoyment.”

Stay tuned to see who win’s the face-off after the gloves are dropped!!