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Cooks Have The Perfect Aim

Reflecting back as one would expect during a conversation at a Junior hockey game at the new Aldergrove Community Center we ventured on the topic of yesteryear when North Delta MHA hosted the Bantam A Purolator Bantam Hockey Championship, symbolic for Bantam supremacy in Western Canada.

The interesting subject was necessarily about the play on the ice, but rather how the players were not only treated during their time in Delta, but also the venue they were privy to for the banquet, which ironically held at Seaquam Secondary School located on Lyon Road.

The MC and special guest for the event was none other than former NHL/WHA player Bobby Hull who was the first to sign a reported $1.75 Million Dollar contract for the Winnipeg Jets at of all locations – Portage and Main in Winnipeg.

Owner for the Winnipeg Jets at that time was Ben Haskins who was a main-stay for the Jet’s and the success they had in the City, Province and overall surrounding area.

Hull to say the least was a fan favorite at Delta’s Sungod Arena not only taking in the games, but also taking the time to sign autographs for anyone that ventured his way as coming from small town Canada understood what it meant for the youngsters.

Not only was this a success, but the banquet was exceptional and it should be known that the Head Chef or Culinary Instructor was well known teacher Brock Paton.

During his time at Seaquam when rated as per academic standards out of a five (5) he had a rating of 4.31, which by many standards was unbelievable and unheard of.

Regardless, he got the best from the students as it was all about respect, which he naturally had, but that wasn’t where his legacy ends and many thought would take a different turn.

Indeed it did as he now resides in Osoyoos and is now involved in the sport of Archery with his Longbow and has grabbed championships with the Osoyoos Archers who practice at Strawberry Creek Road.

If we turn back the clock we find out that he and two archers from Osoyoos returned home with Gold following a competition at the Cowichan Bowmen Hell Hole 3 D Provincials.

This event saw over 200 Archers from across the Province, each having to shoot 40 targets from various distances that eventually saw Cliff Young grab GOLD Masters 60, Sarah Martin collect GOLD for the long Bow and Brock Paton also work the Long Bow.

The 24 annual Traditional Bow Hunters BC Provincials had a record number of female shooters sign up with each getting 235 for a body shot and 0 for a miss.

The following day (Sunday) had the archers shot 40 more shots which were longer and far more difficult in the skill area.

As we have learned with other sports when you reach the finals the longer the event lingers on, the more difficult all shots were that had the view obstructed with branches and bushes covering the kill or target.  

Competition proved tough and tight for everyone and even after 120 targets three (3) Archers were still tied.

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The shoot off was at 40 Yards, with first, second, third being less than 4 mm apart.

  • Cliff Young took First place (Seniors Division)
  • Ticker Quintal Third  (Re-curve Division)
  • Elaine Quintal First (Top Female Longbow Division) (her score was the highest of all female shooters in all Divisions )
  • Brock Paton (First in Longbow wood arrows)
  • Brock Paton (Top Scoring – best score in all divisions)

So despite his other ventures, his aim is perfect not only in the kitchen but also on the field!!